Just got a request from a client because the Job Queue NAS is not working.  Stopped working after a service restart.  Looking through Event Viewer I see the following error.

In the %APPDATA% folder for the service user I find a file called NaviBP.xml.  This file includes a list of breakpoints from the last debugging session.  It seems that the debugger writes this file and uses the Icelandic ‘Já’ instead of the required English ‘Yes’.

After changing the <Enabled>Já</Enabled> to <Enabled>Yes</Enabled> the NAS should start normally.  If those breakpoints are no longer needed it is fine to just remove the file.


2 thoughts on “NAS Failes to initialize with error “‘Já’ is not an option.”

  1. Andrius says:

    I would even suggest using numbers “1” and “0” – that way you eliminate language completely.

    1. That suggestion should be for Microsoft.

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