Today I needed to see who was blocking another user and why.  I created a few objects to monitor the Session table and log the information.

I use ADO to connect to the database server to get the current SQL statement for each session to be able to see what is beeing locked.

Objects attached.

Blocking Log

6 thoughts on “Blocking Log

  1. Hi,

    i have some questions: will it log the whole time or only when I start the codeunit and this client is opened?

    kind regards,
    Matthias König

    1. When you start logging a single instance codeunit is started. You can exit the form/page but not the client.

  2. In some cases the User ID fields in the table need to be up to 50 characters in length. In the attached package they are 30 characters.

  3. Lukasz says:

    Hello, can use this tool in 2013R2 version also?

    1. No Lukasz, we can’t see blocking in 2013 and newer – yet anyway

      1. Łukasz says:

        Thank you for the information Gunnar.
        Best Regards

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