When starting a new company the needed data is in most cases accessible for Microsoft Excel.  Do we want the user to be able to import data from Excel into Dynamics NAV ?

This object allows import into any table that the license allows.

Excel Import (December 12th 2011 update)

2 thoughts on “Import from Excel

  1. Bradley Roberts says:

    Hi Gunnar,
    I’ve been playing around with this, because it looks very useful. However, I identified a bug in it. Email me if you’d like me to show you how to recreate it. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer, so I can’t troubleshoot it myself, but I’d love to see it work.


    1. Hi Bradley

      The problem was the the company field is part of the primary key and the INIT function does not handle the primary key. I added code to initialize all fields in the primary key and now I think this will work. I will replace the attachment in my post.

      if you see any value in this solution please check out my copyright page (http://www.dynamics.is/?page_id=42).


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