In my older version of Time Registration for Dynamics NAV I had ASP web site working on Microsoft SQL server that is used as an attendance list for an office.  On the web site by clicking on the employee name a page with punch in or punch out appears.  From the older system the user had to manually synchronize the external SQL database.

On the new version of Time Registration for Dynamics NAV I am using the new web service support of NAV 2009.  The task was to change the ASP web site and remove the SQL server connection on the web site.  The result is a success, the web site is available here.  The data is directly from Dynamics NAV and all updates are directly inserted into Dynamics NAV.

3 thoughts on “Employee Attendance via Web Services

  1. time clocks says:

    I have never used the SQL version for the Attendance but it looks fine to have time attendance record placed. i always prefer time clocks or time attendace software to place for the attendance because its too easy to manage and reduce the management errors. Although it may be costly than your attendance system thats i am not sure about that.

    1. The changes made in attendance also create time registration like a punch clock.

      1. time clocks says:

        Thanks but i think days are gone for the punch card.

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