Yes!  I have passed all validation steps and Microsoft will publish my app soon.

These are my marketing validation results.

Marketing Validation_Objects4NAV – GL Source Names, 3.2.2017

Remember to look for this image in AppSource and try out my Extension.

As I promised, all the source code is now available on GitHub.

This concludes my blog series on “My first Dynamics 365 Extension”.  Stay tuned for more information on how to design and publish your extension.  I will have more to share in the coming weeks and months.


5 thoughts on “My first Dynamics 365 Extension – Approved for publishing

  1. Congrats Gunnar. And thank you for this series… Very useful.

  2. Jaspreet says:

    Hi Gunnar, really useful series. How did you code sign the navx file before publishing to Azure Publisher. Just need some more info on the certificate since my organisation doesn’t have one at this point. Any suggestions ?

    1. Hi Jaspreet.
      I have a Verisign Code Sign Certificate that I used.

  3. Mohana says:

    Is it published? if not, when is it planned to available in Appsource?

    1. It is published, just about to write a blog entry about that.

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