It is here, go ahead and download

2 thoughts on “Download Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

  1. Jens Glathe says:

    Great, thanks! The download is a bit complicated… you need to kick FTM into life… on a Windows 10 machine…

    1. Have FTM installed.
    2. Directly start iexplore, go to the download you want… nothing happens.
    3. In the “Your download will begin shortly” window, press F12, and change the emulation to IE9. Then FTM will pop up.

    See picture:

    1. Yes that is true.
      I use IE on Windows 10. Make sure I have downloaded and installed MFTM.(
      Then open the download page and press F12 to change Emulation-Document Type to IE10.
      Then I copy the link for the version I want to download and paste into the same tab.

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