I have now seen three posts about using Excel to help create a Pipe Filter.  The latest one from Mohana is similar to the way I normally do this.  His post is a followup from the original video from Kerry Rosvold and an alternative from Mark Brummel.

If this is something you frequently need to do, why don’t use NAV and skip the Excel part ?

Lets imagine how that could look like.


We add a button the ribbon, select what ever we like from the customer list and click the button.


Now it just a matter of using the filter. Paste it where ever you need it.


And this is with just a few lines of code.


Page21 Delta file

6 thoughts on “Selection Filter to Clipboard

  1. Mark Brummel says:

    Good one. Can you change the object desinger too in classic client. 😉 Thats where I need it all the time.

    1. A suggestion for MS Connect ?

    2. And not complementing my for using a Delta File, Mark ?

      1. Mark Brummel says:


        Yes, I noticed that too. I was working at a customer while reading your post.

  2. Important is the “RunOnClient” 😀 If you not set this, you get an error message like “set the thread to Singlethreadapartment before OLE-Request”

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